Spire's End - Solo & Cooperative Card Game Adventure

Created by Greg Favro

A harrowing card game adventure with enemy encounters, interactive story-driven scenarios, and high-end art and design.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Update #1
14 days ago – Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 06:46:41 PM

Hey guys, 

Shipping has commenced and my anxiety has sky-rocketed. At this point depending upon where you are in the world, orders will start coming in. The first sightings have emerged!

I can understand why you might wonder how some people are getting the game now, and others have to wait as far out as October. I would have preferred that everyone get the game at the same time, but there are a few problems with that. 

The first one is storage fees, sadly shipping has ended up far more expensive than the original estimates for a variety of reasons. In some cases, shipping costs have doubled. In an attempt to reduce costs I have been forced to ship out all units regardless of shipping times to avoid storage fees and additional complications. Hence the wildly different delivery dates. Another issue is the day by day fluctuation in shipping costs due to Covid, this is forcing me to change couriers to more affordable options making delivery times longer. Lastly, I think it's better to get the games out as soon as possible. Holding everything back till October doesn't feel right and would end up costing more (not to mention, drive me insane).

That being said most of the orders outside of the US, EU and UK are out for delivery.

The rest of the orders are either on the freighters or currently being loaded on them. Here is the latest information I have regarding the freighters. 

The US dates are as follows:

Units arrive in Los Angeles - 8/18 - Units arrive in the warehouse - 8/25. Shipments will be fulfilled from there

The EU dates are as follows:

Units arrive in the UK 9/5 - Shipments will be fulfilled from there

Please note that due to Covid and the nature of shipping in general that delivery dates can change. If it does I will do my best to let everyone know. In most cases, there should be tracking numbers emailed so you can watch this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. For personal cases involving shipments, I would prefer to do that via direct messages and not clog up the general comments section.

It’s a privilege to have so many people support this endeavor. Please know that I am doing my best to get this out and into your hands!


Shipments are Out!
17 days ago – Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 01:37:16 AM

For those of you that deal with shipping fulfillment, I salute you. For those that don’t, you make better life choices than I do. I realize that the world has far worse problems than shipping card games, but I had no idea!

Estimated Delivery Dates

PLEASE NOTE - These are estimates I have from the couriers and the fulfillment company. Hopefully, if your order is off, you have received emails with these dates, if not, please be patient. Shipping has just begun. This is the information I have today.

USA orders are scheduled to be loaded on the boat 7/29 with an estimated arrival in California 8/18- delivery will continue from there.

EU orders are scheduled to be loaded on the boat 7/30. I do not have the estimated arrival time yet. I will let you know as soon as I do.

Estimated Delivery Times (that I currently have)

Australia - 8/26

Singapore - 8/4

China - 8/3

Japan - 8/4

Thailand - 8/4

Hong Kong - 7/31

New Zealand - 8/5

Guernsey - 8/26

Switzerland - 8/26

Brazil - 8/26

Taiwan - 7/31

Russia - 8/26

Saudi Arabia - 8/13

Malaysia - 8/6

Canada - 10/16 (Sorry guys -doing the best I can over here, but at this point looks like it will be arriving a bit later)

Let’s see it!

I would love to see some postings/pics/videos of Spire’s End out in the wild! Who will get the game first (Hong Kong & Taiwan)? It's going to some fascinating parts of the world, would love to see it out there!

House Rules

I did my best to make this game as simple as possible, but at the same time provide some diversity with the encounters, that being said I have started a Rules FAQ. I encourage “house rules” but there may come a time when you need clarity. Remember, the goal is to have fun with it. A Warning — for those spoiler sensitive types, a few of the rules are regarding specific encounters during the game. Some questions/answers you may want to skip.

Here is a link to the RULES FAQ page —


That’s it for now! I will post another brief update for the US and EU as soon as I have additional dates (by the end of the week). You can reach out to me directly with any questions.

Just about there...thanks for being patient!


Consignee ID required for Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan & South Korea
18 days ago – Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 10:23:32 PM

Hi All, 

Quick Important Note: for those of you in Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan or South Korea, a Consignee ID is required for delivery. I will be reaching out to you individually, but if you see this and can send me that information straight away, that would help me out a great deal. 

Thanks, more info to come. Greg

Final Call!
2 months ago – Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 12:06:05 AM

Hey guys,

Production is scheduled to be completed on June 20th, which means that I will be locking addresses Monday at high noon (PDT). It’s closing time!

This is your last chance to settle any credit card issues. I currently have 18 credit cards that are still not clearing. Sadly, anyone with unresolved payments will not get a game. 

There be a very limited number of units after that, which will go to pre-orders and misc. If you have anyone else interested in getting the game that missed the Kickstarter I will be accepting Pre-Orders until Monday at Noon.

Sorry for the boring housekeeping update. I will let everyone know once manufacturing is 100% complete and the fulfillment process has begun. Fulfillment will be in full swing by the end of the month -BUT that does not mean it will arrive at your doorstep by the end of July. Depending on where you are and how it’s getting to you it could be arriving in August. I should be able to give everyone a more accurate date in a few weeks.

We are getting close!

Thanks, Greg

What's Next?
3 months ago – Fri, May 15, 2020 at 12:53:17 AM

As always I hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe during these crazy days. 

As Spire's End rolls into mass production, I thought it would be a good time to announce what's up next! 

The first expansion: The Custodian is currently in development.

I must stress that this is very early on. Anything and everything could change, but the current plan is to create an additional chapter that folds into of the current game.

Here's how it would tentatively work. The expansion would come with a replacement card (card 65 to be precise) that you swap out. This remixed card can branch off to a new chapter, cards 65.01, 65.02, 65.03, and so on until you die miserable deaths or fall back into the main storyline. 

The expansion would force you into new and tragic story events, additional encounters, unnecessarily violent endings, and awesome new art.

Expansion Details:

Will Benjamin Weiseman be doing the art? You bet your ass, he's already started.

Will there be any new components other than cards? No. This will be exclusively a story deck expansion.

How long will the expansion be? Too early to say.

Will there be a new edition of the game that includes this? I don't think so. This will be sold separately. You will NOT need a new copy of the base game.

Can this expansion be played on its own? No, you would need the base game.

How would we be able to get this? I think this would be its own Kickstarter. At that time, I would hope to offer the base game again as an add-on if you missed it the first go-round or I've run out of units.

Is this a sure thing? No. I will carefully decide The Custodian's fate once I get a sense of the base games reception. I am excited about how development is going so far! I'm back in there!

I don't have any additional news on the current games production other than its going on, all good so far! Until next time!